Welcome Week 2020 – An artist’s introduction…

In the last few months if there’s one thing people have learned its how vital art is to the world (like we didn’t know that already right?) People have turned to art and craft and the outdoors to retain their sanity during such an uncertain time.

Art was on of the first languages and it’s a universal one. As artists we thrive on our creating communities to drive forward the next movement, to discuss the things that are hard to talk about, to make waves in political circles and to cheer up someone who’s having a rubbish day by hanging something pretty on a wall in their home. Art does all of that and so much more. For the last few months shows like ‘Grayson Perry’s Art Club’ and ‘Portrait Artist of the Week’ have had tens of thousands of viewers tune in and participate.

The first year students to any art course is 2020 are going to have a vastly different experience than previous years. As much as this is a challenge, its also a chance to adapt our way of working and try new ways of working that could be the norm for many people going forward.

Our first virtual art exhibition as students of the University of Cumbria is going to have a bit of a theme, a seriese of artworks produced in workshops during our first few days at uni. we are proud to share this work with you as our response to Covid-19.

We were given two briefs. The first was to be a photography piece based on our allowed daily excersize during the covid lockdown or somewhere that was important to us during that time.

The second was to be an intervention piece that the public could interact with either visually or something they could take home with them that they encountered in the environment.

Both briefs were broad to allow for a wide range of creative freedoms. Our responses to these are shown on this website along with details of the artists involved.

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